Screen Test: Me in a nutshell

Born under the sign of the Gemini on Friday the 13th.  Parents: John Rx and Roseanne.  Brother: George.  75% Greek-American/25% Italian-American.  Went to Greek school, can’t speak Greek.  Moved to Wyckoff, NJ in 6th grade.  Had no friends, wore a cool jacket, made friends.  Ramapo High School, home of many undiscovered and discovered celebrities.  Had a Super Sweet 16.  FLOW Pride.  Cheerleading: captain. Went to University of Delaware… joined a sorority…drank some beers…drank some more.  Transferred early to grad school in Philadelphia.  Studied.  Kept studying.  What is my philosophy on life?  Discovered spirituality. Studied some more.  Joined Seatfillers.  Met some celebrities.  Graduated.  Moved back home.  Moved to Manhattan.  Work at a prominent New York Hospital.  Met some amazing colleagues I call friends.  Did some soul searching.  Work very hard.  Play hard.  Buy shoes.  Pilates. Met some more celebrities.  Fabulous life.  So here I am.  What’s in the pipeline…?