Scene 1: Pull up a seat…

by Memoirs of a Seatfiller

Me (far left) at the Comedy Awards sitting with the writers of the Colbert Report

I am a Seatfiller.  For about a decade this has been something I have done for fun, sans pay.  I’d never heard of a Seatfiller (noun) or seatfilling (verb) until one day many years ago.  As Seatfillers our job is to attend major awards shows, television tapings and events.  We sit in the place of celebrities or guests who present on stage, are a no-show or get up to go to the bathroom.  For example, if Tina Fey is taking a dump, I’m your girl.  I’ve had great times over the years filled with priceless stories, pictures and memories.  For instance, dancing on stage with Snoop Dogg is one thing I can check off the bucket list.  Sometimes I’ve felt like a star, sometimes I’ve felt invisible and sometimes I’ve made a fool of myself.  Like when I spilled my beer  and stepped on the dress of a playboy playmate (wife of Rascall Flatts) at the CMAs.  I’m here to share my adventures and some things I’ve learned along the way. One thing I’ve ascertained over the years is simply this… even if you’re a no one, you’re a someone.

Enjoy,  Nicole Psomas